definition of flower

A flower is a structure of sexual reproduction characteristic of certain types of plants and has the purpose of producing seeds of new plants for the perpetuation of the species.

The flowers are related to the class of plants phanerogams or spermatophytes that includes all the subdivisions of plants that produce seeds. A flower, after the act of fertilization, gives rise to a fruit that contains these seeds inside.

A flower is made up of the following parts: the sepals, which surround the leaves when the flower is a bud and protect it from insects that seek nectar by forming a calyx; the petals, the brightly colored leaves of the flower that give it its characteristic appearance by forming the corolla and attracting pollinating agents; the stamens, leaves that carry male organs that form an androecium; and the carpels, the female organ-bearing leaves that form the gynoecium. In some cases, the flowers also have bracts, a type of modified leaves that contribute to the protective and / or attractive function of the organism.

A set of flowers is biologically an inflorescence and this often happens as the flowers do not tend to appear solitary. Sometimes, in fact, the flowers can be so closely grouped together that they are mistaken for a single flower, which is called a psudanthus or false flower.

Flowers, in all their diversity, are classified according to the following taxonomy. Depending on their disposition, they can be solitary or inflorescence-forming; depending on symmetry, they can be zygomorphic (bilateral symmetry), actinomorphic (radial symmetry), or asymmetric. Depending on the separation of the sepals, they can be separated (dialysepals) or united (gamosépalas). On the other hand, depending on the size of the petals, they can also be unlinked (dialipetalas) or together (gamopetalas).

Flowers are complex organisms and a significant part of the reproduction of many plants throughout the world. However, regardless of their biological function, flowers are highly valued for their aesthetic and decorative sense, and are often used as gifts or decorative objects in many societies.