definition of consequence

A consequence it's a event or event that becomes or results from another event, is the effect of an event, a choice or a circumstance, that is, let's put an example to make it more understandable, "I collided with the car and injured my leg”, Having injured my leg is the consequence of having collided with the car; "I got a lot fat and no pants fit me”, The fact that I do not fit any pants is the consequence of the event of having suffered a considerable increase in weight.

Effect of an act, decision or choice

The consequence is the effect that starts from a cause, in this way it is common to talk about personal consequences, events, among others.

It should be noted that some consequences that result in people's lives may be strictly due to situations that they themselves provoke from choices or actions, or failing that, they may be due to natural and spontaneous situations, not caused directly by the individual in question. question.

In the case of human actions, it is inevitable that their appreciation or evaluation falls within the sphere of ethics and morals.

Our actions always provoke consequences, good or bad

Since time immemorial, man has been concerned with determining and analyzing what are the actions that will lead to happiness, and which will drive him away.

There are positive and negative consequences which become such especially by the choices and actions that are carried out.

Of course, people enjoy the freedom to choose and do what we please, this is an innate and inherent right of people, as long as we do not affect the rights of a third party or any other relevant issue of a majority, now, Attention is paid to this last point, since it is important, because whenever we act and give our opinions, actions usually have consequences, that we also think about whether they may affect third parties, because unfortunately many times they end up being done or saying things that cause serious harm to others, and for that matter you have to be aware of this and not always, with the flag of the right you can do or say anything.

The positive consequences are the most beautiful and expected, the ones that make us happy, because they usually come from the effort or effort that was put into some action, and then it resulted in a positive effect for us or for others.

Relationship between two things

Another common use of the word consequence allows to refer to the logical relationship that exists between two things. “If you go on a trip tomorrow, you will not be able to attend Vale's wedding next Saturday.”

Logic: association between premises and conclusion

So at the behest of the Logic, a logical consequence will involve the link between the premises and the conclusion of legitimate reasoning.

Then, in this field, the consequence would be a conclusion that follows logically from premises already stated.

So for this discipline consciousness is necessary and formal.

Taking this consideration we must say that the conclusion of two true premises will be true, it can never be false, that is, the veracity of the conclusion is the consequence of using the same interpretation used for the premises.

Popular phrases and expressions

And also the use of the word consequence occurs a lot in popular phrases or expressions that have a massive use, such as: as a result of (allows referring to what happens as a result of this or that thing: (“as a result of the bad weather the recital was canceled”); take the consequences (take responsibility for an act, a thought: ("If you face it, pay attention to the consequences that it would have”); consequently (depending on what happened in time: we see you did not want to attend his birthday party, consequently, he was very offended); without consequences (not present danger or complications later: ("the confrontation took place without consequences to regret”); and have consequences (occur a bad event of another bad event: ("his negligence brought us serious consequences”).

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