definition of civil registration

As its name says, the civil registry is that body or body belonging to the State that is in charge of registering different aspects of people's civil life, this means that it registers and controls aspects of a person's daily life that they have to to do with the social space and not with the public space. Some of the elements that can be registered in one of these organizations are marriages, births, deaths, divorces, censuses, etc.

State body that is in charge of registering and controlling the civil aspects of the people of a community: birth registration, celebration of marriages, issuance of identity documents ...

On the other hand, it is also in charge of managing and issuing the corresponding identity documents of the citizens of the country in question so that it acts as sufficient and legal proof of their identification, if it is necessary to do so before other state authorities, or, failing that, at the request of some procedures or agreements that are signed.

In addition to the data such as the full name and surname, date of birth, address, changes in this last aspect, the document issued by the civil registry has an identification number printed on it, and that is personal to each person, that is, it is impossible to Impossible for there to be two people with the same document number, this will be illegal.

All of them serve for the State to register, administer and control many data on different elements of the population it governs.

Entity that arises with the modern state

It can be said that the civil registry as a public entity exists almost from the same moment in which the State arises as a form of government or control over a population. This is so because that State, in charge of governing a certain population, always needs to have some kind of body or entity that records very diverse data, even some that nowadays are no longer recorded due to lack of utility.

However, it is not until recently, after the French Revolution perhaps and the loss of strength of religion in the 19th century as an important and even central part of a State, that the civil registry is established as a very important section for the administration. public. It is in this century when most of the states of the world began to remove the fueros and the power that the Church maintained over these aspects of social life such as marriages, births and deaths to give it a secular value and to make all these issues they will come under the power of the State and not of the Church or religion.

Today, civil registries are very important because they allow the fulfillment of a myriad of procedures and actions that did not exist before or that were not recognized by the Church.

Marriages, the annotations of newborns recognized by their parents, are some of the most common procedures carried out in these establishments, as we already indicated above.

How marriages are celebrated in the civil registry

For marriages, the contracting parties must request an appointment at the civil registry, approximately one month in advance of the date they want to celebrate their marriage.

They can do it today thanks to the benefits of technology via the Internet.

Then they should approach to provide the corresponding information to the couple and also the identification of the people who will appear as witnesses of the marriage, a condition without equanom in this process.

On the selected day, the marriage will be celebrated in a civil registry room and it will be a justice of the peace who will officiate it and take an oath before the law to the bride and groom. After the couple say the famous yes I accept, they and their witnesses will sign an act, in which the conjugal union will be made official.

A fairly common rite around civil unions is that upon leaving the registry, relatives and friends of the bride and groom throw bags of rice on their heads.

At present, many countries that have enacted the so-called equal marriage law also allow civil marriages between homosexual couples, such is the case in Argentina for a couple of years.