poster definition

A poster is a notice that communicates some future event or current situation and that generally has a considerable dimension so that it is well appreciated and noticed by the public to whom it is directed and a deliberate artistic intention that will seek to attract more than the ordinary.

Meanwhile, the poster is one of the main tools that advertising has when it comes to urban visual communication. In other words, with this I do not mean that in those places far from the metropolis we do not find this type of medium to announce to its inhabitants the realization of a musical show, among other issues for example, but in reality this resource is not be as massive or invasive as if it happens in the most important cities of the world, that if one observes them very carefully and in detail, one finds that there end up being hundreds of posters that advertise and propose various things, from recitals, to drinks and that are stamped on walls, public garbage cans and huge supports destined for this purpose, in every corner of the city and waiting for you, me, him and them look.

Of course, and in the event that the objectives of the poster are to communicate an event or promote a product or service, they must consider several momentous issues, including the type of traffic that frequents the area in question, the environment of the area in which it will be located, if there are shopping centers or direct competition and the dimension plus the support that will be used, which also turn out to be decisive when it comes to attracting the eye or no.

As a consequence, the poster will always be accompanied by an environment that offers an infinity of visual stimuli, creatives must attend to very specific questions, including: clear identification of the product or service offered, characteristic of the illustration and a short and direct text to get the attention of the recipient.

Although the quintessential use of the poster will be a promotional matter, therefore advertising is the area that most appreciates it, other areas such as educational, religious, political or social also know how to make use of it.

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