what is iso 9000 »definition and concept

The International Organization for Standardization, popularly known as ISO, is the organization that deals with establish manufacturing, communication and marketing standards, both for products and services, at the international level. What the ISO basically proposes is standardize safety regulations.

While, ISO 9000 consists of a series of standards inherent to quality and continuous quality management, that It is applied in organizations, whatever their nature, that are dedicated to the production of goods and services.

In this regulation, the ISO establishes in detail the way in which a company must work with the corresponding standards to provide quality to what they produce, indicate the distribution deadlines and the levels that the service must observe.

Broadly speaking, the ISO 9000 standard proposes: to standardize the activity of personnel by documenting their work; work in order to satisfy customer needs; monitor and measure the processes involved at all levels; avoid falling into re-processes; promote efficiency to achieve proposed objectives; promote that products constantly improve, among others.

It should be noted that this rule became effective in 1987 and its prominence reached a maximum level in the following decade. In the new millennium, the initial proposal of the norm was revised since it did not fully satisfy the companies engaged in the commercialization of services and it was possible to shape a norm adaptable to any type of company.

The certification work is carried out by special entities that audit the company and, based on this, issue the certificate. Likewise, these organizations are controlled by local bodies that regulate their performance.

In order to ensure a satisfactory certification, it is recommended that the company be advised by a consultant who is knowledgeable in this field.

On the other hand, the certification must be revalidated on an annual basis, with which the company must undergo a new review within those periods to maintain the standard.

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