definition of corporate law

Corporate law is the branch of law that focuses on companies and everything related to them from a legal point of view, that is, the different classes of companies, the relationship of the company with consumers, the analysis of taxation or commercial contracting.

From a historical perspective, Corporate Law comes from Roman Law, in which there was already a general principle that affected business or commercial activity: favor negotii (which means that in the case of a legal conflict that affects trade, there is to lean towards the position that favors the own business).

Professionals in corporate law can work in the private sector or in the public sector and in relation to national or international businesses.

Areas of Corporate Law

A specialist in this branch of law may be commissioned to study and analyze the image of a company from a legal perspective. Thus, it will study the contents of the various messages of the entity (advertising, press releases or the viability of the identity of the company).

Each company can be formed into a different type of company depending on its interests and its business strategy, for which it is necessary to choose the most appropriate legal form (as an individual entrepreneur, as a community of goods, as a civil, collective or anonymous society or limited liability company).

In commercial companies, it is necessary to establish the responsibility of the administrators of said entities, which will depend on the type of administrator (sole administrator, joint or joint administrators).

The choice of the commercial contract is also key in the dynamics of a company and the corporate law professional has to advise on which is the most suitable type of contract depending on the circumstances (purchase contract, commercial lease, guarantee contracts or others. ).

Every commercial company has the obligation to keep corporate books as a complement to the accounting activity. In this sense, there are the minutes books of the assemblies or the session books in the boards of directors.

International corporate law

The business activity has an international projection. This requires the intervention of a legal professional who knows international corporate law. These professionals can perform tasks on very diverse topics: exchange law, securities law, maritime law, as well as legal matters related to customs activity, royalties or electronic commerce.

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