synopsis definition

We understand by synopsis the argumentative summary of a written work, of a film or of a narrative, however, it is correct that we also call the essential summary that has been made of the exposition that someone carried out on a subject or topic as a synopsis.

The incidence of the synopsis at the behest of a work or film

The synopsis is always an abbreviated version of the central argument of the work in question and its main objective is to allow the future reader to access a couple of general ideas about the text in order to make them aware of the subject to read.

Different elements can be presented in the synopsis in addition to a summary of the argument. You can also point out some characteristics of the characters (if there are any) as well as the reasons why the author made such a work. The synopsis can also be applied to non-fictional works and reports as well as to films and other multimedia creations.

The synopsis is always important as an element prior to reading a written work or viewing a film or multimedia element. Its main objective is to present in an abbreviated way the main characteristics of the work in question in order to make the public aware of what will be developed in it. Of course, in the case of a work of fiction, be it a movie or a book, a synopsis should never advance the end of it so that in this way it remains a surprise and does not inhibit the attention of the viewer or reader until the end.

With regard to film synopses, we must comment that a good part of the public is addicted to reading them before deciding to see a movie, even if the synopsis is not attractive enough it can be decisive to when deciding not to see that film.

However, there is also another part of the public that does not pay the slightest attention to the synopsis and prefers to be carried away by the tastes that the main actors or the film director arouse in them.

Regardless of whether a synopsis of a film is given too much or little credit, it is important that the film has one that accurately describes the content of the plot but is also attractive enough to attract an audience that usually pays a lot of attention to them.

These synopses are usually found on the back cover of the book and on the back of the movie box.

Synopsis Features

Depending on the work on which the abstract is being made, the character of the synopsis may vary both in terms of design or layout (it can be presented in the form of text or in the form of points, items or main ideas) as well as in terms of content and scope of the abstract.

A synopsis generally does not include a critical view (neither positive nor negative) about the work since its almost exclusive objective is to present it as it is in order to inform and inform the viewer or reader. In some cases, it may present some subjective elements according to the position of the person who performs it, but it is not normal since it is not talking about a criticism but rather a simple and accessible informative piece.

The importance of the synopsis in the study

Those of us who have been through school and university know the value of a synopsis when it comes to understanding a text that they have sent us to study.

Most of the time it is that summary that we generate ourselves of a work, after reading it and rereading it, it is what allows us to understand a text.

Synoptic tables, which are summary resources and link vital information about a topic, are a synopsis tool that greatly facilitate our understanding of the diverse literature that our teachers or their presentations send us to study.

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