definition of homologated

It is said that something is found approved when it has been officially approved by an authority or competent body in its context or scope after verifying compliance with certain specifications or characteristics, a fact that allows it to enjoy a guarantee that will be vital when deciding on the consumption of that good or service in question. That which has been approved has therefore been subject to homologation.

Meanwhile, homologation is a term that is used in various fields to refer to the Equalization of certain issues inherent to services, products, among others, such as: characteristics, documents or specifications.

In the academic field, for example, homologation implies the official recognition of academic qualifications from a certain country, for later recognition in another nation and it also involves the recognition of those studies that have been carried out in a timely manner in a certain academic institution, in which was not obtained a title, to later be presented in another institution in which it is planned to complete the respective studies.

On the other hand, in economic matters, homologation turns out to be the action from which two assets are placed in an equal relationship, through the intervention of physical variables, area, age, conservation, quality, surface, among others, for conducting a comparative market analysis.

Another use of the term is found in the automotive environment, in which when talking about homologation, reference is being made to the adaptation of street or series production vehicles to certain characteristics that have a particular competence in the field.

And in many other contexts in which the word is used, it also refers to the equality of rules, regulations and norms that have as objective the ordering of the functioning of an organism.

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