definition of infrastructure

An infrastructure is the set of elements or services that are considered necessary for an organization to function or for an activity to be carried out effectively.

Marxism: it is the material base on which society is based and the forces and relations of production play

Secondly, Infrastructure is the material basis of a society and the one that will determine its social structure, development and social change, including at these levels the productive forces and the relations of production that exist in it..

We must say, then, that this is a fundamental concept for Marxism, the current proposed by the German philosopher Karl Marx. For Marx, infrastructure is the material base on which a society is based and that includes, as we said, the forces and relations of production. From it, the social structure is sustained and above it is the so-called superstructure, which is where culture and the ideology of a society develop.

Marxist theory gives infrastructure great value because it considers it a component and substantial element that will sustain both development and social change. Also, Marx, proposes that any change that is introduced in the infrastructure will produce a correlate in the superstructure. For Marx, ideologies and cultural movements are not independent in any way but go hand in hand with the existing infrastructure, with which any change at this level will inevitably modify the superstructure.

What is known as the superstructure depends on the Infrastructure, which is the set of elements of social life, including: religion, science, morals, art, law, philosophy, and political and legal institutions.

The infrastructure that a given society presents plays a fundamental role in regards to its development and social change, because when the infrastructure changes, it inevitably changes the society as a whole, the power relations, the institutions and obviously also the elements of the superstructure.

An infrastructure is also important, because as we mentioned, it is made up of the means of production, both natural resources and technical means and work forces, which together make up the productive forces.

Construction branch that is dedicated to the design and construction of various buildings

While, Another use of the term infrastructure is to designate that part of the construction that is below ground level.

Another of the references that the word presents speaks of set of engineering structures and facilities, generally of long useful life, which constitute the basis on which the provision of services that are considered necessary for the development of productive, personal, political and social purposes takes place.

The urban infrastructure It is that work carried out by human activity and which was directed by professionals of Architecture, Urban Planners and Civil Engineering, which will serve as a support for the development of other activities, its operation being very necessary for the organization of the city in question.

Thus we can find various branches of infrastructure within the urban infrastructure of a city. Transport is the one in charge of laying and optimizing the networks and routes of land, sea and air transport of a city, such is the case of routes, roads, airports, channels, ports, among the most common.

For its part, the energy infrastructure has the purpose of supplying heat, fuel and electricity to the homes, businesses and industries of a community.

The hydraulic infrastructure is the one that links the drinking water networks for human consumption, the sewer systems and the water recycling networks.

An infrastructure that has taken center stage in recent years as a result of the fabulous growth of new technologies is telecommunications, which includes not only fixed telephony that has been accompanying us for a long time but also mobile telephony, internet and television. cable.

Infrastructure in this sense is in all those construction tasks that involve the performance of human beings, in houses, apartment buildings, hospitals, public buildings, educational institutions, commercial buildings and public parks, among others.

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