definition of interview

You can start by defining the concept of an interview as a communicative act that is established between two or more people and that has a particular structure organized through the formulation of questions and answers. The interview is one of the most common forms and can be presented in different situations or areas of daily life.

The interview is always established between two or more people (although in most cases the presence of two is sufficient): someone who fulfills the role of interviewer or questioner and someone who fulfills the role of interviewee or one who answers the questions. questions. Unlike other forms of communication in which the interaction and questions can be formulated by the various parts that make up the communicative act, in the interview the questions are always asked by one person and answered by the other. In this way, the dialogue becomes dynamic but structured and formal.

Interviews are a common element in certain situations or circumstances of everyday life. Normally, the term interview is used when the different media turn to it to obtain information, testimonies and opinions from those who can provide them. These interviews carried out by the media may vary in their formality, in their duration, in the way of asking questions, in the fact of whether they are carried out live or not, etc.

Another common type of interview is those carried out in the workplace at the time of meeting a new individual who may occupy a certain position and who, therefore, must answer a series of questions in order to make their profile known. Job interviews are in the vast majority of cases very formal and elements such as appearance, language, sincerity, speed and the general attitude of the interviewee are essential when making the final decision.

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