point definition

The word point refers simultaneously to several issues. In very general terms it is designated as point a that signal of small dimensions that as a consequence of the contrast, color or relief that it presents is perceptible on a surface.

On the other hand, it is also known as point at punctuation sign that closes sentences or phrases with complete meaning, that is, the point allows to mark the end of the grammatical and logical meaning of a sentence. The point will be written followed by the last character of the sentence without leaving a space, however, if it is a followed period, a space must be left with respect to the next character.

exist seven kinds of points and each will exercise a different functional purpose in prayer. The dot followed that separates sentences within the same paragraph, continues writing after the point, the first word that will then be written after the point must be in capital letters, as indicated above.

The full stop, is used to separate two paragraphs with different content within a text. In this case, after this type of point, you should start writing on the next line and the capital letter will also be used.

Another point is known as final point which will be used as the closing of the text to indicate its end.

What the semicolon does is separate one idea or topic from another, that is, after it it will begin to talk about something else in the text.

The two points they are used in a text to account for a list of things, people or any other issue, as appropriate.

Suspensives points, which are generally used in a text to give an idea to the reader who will approach the highlighted ending or a reflection.

And finally the abbreviation point, which is the one that will be placed after an abbreviation to give it entity.

Meanwhile, where it also holds a special participation, the term point is in geometry, since together with the line and the plane the point is considered one of the fundamental entities of matter, serving to describe a position in space, determined based on a pre-established coordinate system.

Likewise and in another order of things, the word point is also often used to indicate or indicate a common meeting place between two or more people, it is usually called a meeting point.