definition of stipulate

The word stipulate refers to that action through which the conditions of a deal are agreed, agreed, that is, the parties involved in it will agree on their rights and obligations therein.

The deals are voluntary agreements that were carried out by two or more parties, about some question, topic, that is their responsibility and then once the agreement is reached on the subject matter, the result will be transferred to a written document that will leave it on paper the scope of the conclusion, or failing that it is also feasible to define it through oral commitment, by word of mouth.

It should be noted that the written document in which the terms of a deal are stipulated is popularly designated as a contract.

Meanwhile, in the aforementioned agreement, I deal, the parties agree to strictly respect what they have agreed to. In any case, a de facto commitment will be established and the consequent respect for the proposed conditions, which of course, must be respected, because otherwise they may be required to be observed by force of law. Because all deals give way to legal effects, that is to say, what is established in its content must be complied with because otherwise the affected party may request the court that the treatment be carried out as stipulated.

Moreover, at the behest of the right, the word stipulate refers to making a verbal contract.

Among the synonyms that exist for this word, those of agree and agree, being some of the ones that we use the most in our language to refer to what is expressed. Meanwhile, the word that opposes the one at hand is that of revoke, which precisely refers to the annulment of a concession that had been granted in a timely manner.