definition of volume

With the term volume you can refer to several different issues.

First volume can be the space that a body occupies in a certain place, that is to say, the amount of space your matter takes up and that due to the impenetrable condition of the bodies it cannot be occupied by another body at the same time. But also volume is the intrinsic property of that matter that will allow us to distinguish one type of matter from another, one substance from another, since they all have a specific volume.

As long as and without having anything to do with what we mentioned in the previous paragraph, volume is the subjective perception a person has about any sound they hear. The intensity of the sounds will be determined by the energy or acoustic power that passes through a surface per second, the greater the power of a sound, the greater the volume that that sound will experience of course.

The perception of any volume always follows a logarithmic scale that is measured in decibels and will be determined by the sound power level of each particular sound.

And finally, the term volume has a special importance in the literary field or in the vocabulary of those people affected by the collection and reading of books, since with this term it is designated to the material body of a bound book, whether it contains the complete work or one or some volumes that make up it.