definition of scientific psychology

The psychology It is a very important study science for the human being since this branch of knowledge reflects on the human being in relation to their behaviors based on different methodology. Scientific psychology aims to endow this branch of knowledge with the objectivity that experimental science has in opposition to other knowledge more speculative as for example, philosophy.

Scientific Psychology focuses on solving the why of things

The psychology Scientific seeks a constant connection between the mental plane and the physical realm because body and mind interact in a constant way. Scientific psychology analyzes the why of things, that is, it investigates the cause in the purest scientific style marked by the relationship of cause and effect. Scientific psychology has a great weight in the advancement of empirical investigation of mental processes.

The origin of Scientific Psychology

A reference in the history of scientific psychology is Wilhelm Wundt who created the first scientific psychology laboratory, a work environment that represented an important turning point in science since this researcher carried out, through observation and deduction of facts, analysis, research and studies with the aim of having a better understanding of the human being.

Wunt is considered the father of structuralism. Scientific psychology defines itself by its scientific method as the highest criterion of truth and progress. Speculative reflection is considered in the background. A point in which it also coincides with experimental psychology, which also values ​​the power of science as a reference of truth.

Wunt brings his knowledge to the history of psychology thanks to his hard work and constant work. This scientist studies conscious processes, what he considers as immediate experience. Scientific psychology is a science because it values ​​above all the value of objectivity insofar as it is a science that can provide measurable and quantifiable data.

External and internal elements that intersect and communicate

The complexity of the human being is marked by external behaviors that can be observed and are a reflection of an internal intention of the mind and will. The connection between the internal and the external is constant. On the other hand, language is also a very positive tool to get to know another human being better.

Any scientific psychologist approaches human behavior with the same methodology as an experimental scientist.

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