definition of abduction

The word abduction It is used in our language with different senses that we will review below.

For one thing, abduction is a typical movement of one part of our body in relation to the other and that has a transverse direction. It is also called as separation.

With an example we will understand it better: in a lowered position to the sides of the body and along, when the lateral elevation of the arm occurs, as a consequence of the action of the deltoid muscle, abduction will occur, that is, it is the erection of a part of the body with respect to the plane of symmetry, by which the arm or any other organ is separated from the median plane in which the body is imaginatively divided into two symmetrical parts.

The one of adduction is the opposite movement to the one indicated and consists of the approximation of a part of the body to the plane of symmetry.

In another vein, the term abduction is used to designate the alleged kidnapping, cooptation of human beings, carried out by aliens, with the mission of taking them to their space or spaceship. Both in the ufology, the discipline that studies the extraterrestrial phenomenon and in Science fiction, It is common to speak of abduction to designate the act through which one or several ETs take a human being against their will, most of the time their spaceship and where they will submit it to an analysis of its nature and also to an alleged conversion.

It should be noted that those individuals who claim to have been abducted coincide in reporting that they do not remember anything about the lived experience, probably because they were subjected to some special process that erased that fact from their memory. And in science fiction stories, the story of the event is also simile.

And in time of Roman empire, the word abduction had a special use in the military field and that it had the mission of appointing the action of splitting up a force and forming ranks of soldiers.

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