what is scalene triangle »definition and concept

The triangle it's a polygon type whose differential feature is that it is made up of three sides. A triangle is built joining three lines, which will be the sides of this geometric figure, meanwhile, the aforementioned sides are at points that are called vertices.

The mentioned parts that the triangle presents, that is, sides, vertices, and interior angles , are always present in a triangle and are sine quanom conditions of this geometric body.

There are two ways to classify triangles, one that is linked to the extent of their sides and the other depends on the width of their angles. The latter proposes the following types: rectangle (It has a right internal angle which is determined by two sides called legs, the third side being known as the hypotenuse), acute angle (the three internal angles are acute, that is, they measure less than 90 °) and obtuse (only one of its angles is obtuse, that is, it measures more than 90 °).

Meanwhile, the one associated with the extension of the sides generates these: equilateral, isosceles and scalene, the type that we will discuss next.

The scalene triangle or also called unequal triangle, is characterized because all its sides have different extensions. In no triangle of this type will there be two angles that have the measure. So at this angle there are neither identical angles nor sides.

But depending on the length, it is also feasible that we find two other types of triangles in addition to the scalene and they are as we indicated the equilateral triangle, which stands out because its three sides are equal as well as its angles, which have a measure of 60 °.

And the isosceles triangle, just present two sides with the same extensionMeanwhile, the angles opposed to the sides have the same measure.

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