definition of sunrise

The word dawn is the term we mostly use to indicate the moment of sunrise over the horizon, that is, sunrise is the appearance of daylight, this event of the appearance of natural luminosity lets people know that it has already dawned and that the day has begun.

Sunrise and beginning of the day

Once the star, in this case the sun, crosses the plane of the horizon and passes to the visible hemisphere, changing its astronomical height from negative to positive and placing it at zero, it will be before dawn.

It should be noted that throughout the year the sun changes the place through which it rises and also the one through which it sets, thus, in spring and summer in the northern hemisphere it rises between the east and the north, being a positive declination, while in autumn and winter it comes out between the east and the south, the decline being negative.

Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere the situation is the reverse, in autumn and winter it leaves between the east and the north and in the spring and summer seasons it leaves between the east and the south.

In the spring seasons and much more in the summer, the day lasts much longer and the sunrise certainly occurs early, around five in the morning, while it begins to get dark at approximately eight in the morning and depending on, of course, of the positions in which the places in question are found.

As a consequence of the phenomenon of refraction of light in the terrestrial atmosphere it generates that we see light, that is, that the sky lights up, even when the sun has not risen, such a situation is known as dawn, dawn or morning twilight.

What is twilight?

The morning twilight is an interval that occurs before sunrise or after sunset that is characterized by the fact that the sky appears illuminated.

This is generated because sunlight illuminates the highest layers of the atmosphere.

The luminosity expands in all directions due to the air molecules, thus reaching the eyes of the spectators.

There are two twilights, the morning that happens before the sun rises and which is also called dawn, dawn; and the evening that happens after sunset and is also called sunset.

It is also common to find the term ortho to designate sunrise.

Meanwhile, the opposite concept of sunrise is the to become night, at which time daylight begins to fade and night comes.

Start of something

On the other hand, in colloquial language, it is common to use the word sunrise to express the beginning of something or when something or issue begins to manifest.

Title of many artistic productions

And also the term is the name with which a popular novel, more precisely its fourth part, known as Twilight and written by the author Stephanie Meyer.

The work was adapted to the cinema achieving an impressive repercussion that led it to become one of the highest grossing sagas in the history of cinema.

It is starred by the actors Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner and it tells a fictional story in which vampire men and wolves are linked with human beings and love, heartbreak and hatred are born.

But the aforementioned is not the only film that bears that title, there are a lot of other artistic works that are called in this way, books, plastic works, among others and that precisely use this designation as a consequence of the link of their history with this particular moment.

A moment worth appreciating for its natural beauty

We cannot ignore when approaching this topic that the moment of sunrise arouses a special interest among people who like to appreciate it very much at the moment it occurs, especially when it is in special, well-open places, such as the beach, where you can appreciate the beauty of that natural moment at its best.

It is a short time, approximately eight minutes, that it takes for the first rays of the sun to reach the horizon, and they travel at the impressive speed of three hundred thousand kilometers per second, a real sight to behold, although most of us are asleep. when it happens, sometime, we must take the time to appreciate it.

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