definition of strength

The word strength It presents different uses, depending on the context, related to architecture, as well as the internal strength of the human being to face adversity. Also, it refers to the name of a city in Brazil.

Building built and specially fortified to face invasions and attacks

In the field of architecture, a fortress is that fortified enclosure, specially built to withstand invasions and attacks from outside.

The fortresses, in this sense, have a really ancient origin as well as a remarkable presence in history, for example, the Capitol that crowned Rome was a fortress; too the emperors' camps were said to be authentic fortresses, very difficult to penetrate. Therefore, the importance they have held has been enormous, since many times it depended on them that one region or one nation did not fall into the hands of another.

The oldest peoples lived in constant wars and confrontations due to territorial disputes. Many of them were certainly bloody and violent and left thousands of victims in their wake.

Meanwhile, the construction of these fortresses had the mission of safeguarding certain important places and also protecting the authorities inside.

The taking or falling of a fortress was the inevitable path to defeat, because losing your fortress simply meant losing the war.

Strength and vigor that someone has

On the other hand, in common parlance, the word fortress is often used as synonymous with strength and vigor, for instance: "the audience applauded the strength of the horse after his performance.”

Strength is undoubtedly a highly valued quality in life, because its disposition helps people to be strong in the face of problems that arise, not to lower their arms in the face of obstacles, to resist.

Also, it is a great help when it comes to persisting in the achievement of ends and goals since those who have strength will not give up before the first problem that arises, much less, but will fight and fight until they achieve what they propose.

Now, we must say that strength is not a capacity that can be learned but that it is something that comes innate with us, there are people who have greater strength than others and many others who do not have this characteristic. Of course, those who have strength will have a much more positive existence since it positively impacts everything they undertake.

Cardinal virtue that consists of the ability to overcome fears

Meanwhile, at the request of the Christian religion, fortitude is one of the four cardinal virtues, along with temperance, justice and prudence and consists of the ability of an individual to overcome fear and flee from recklessness.

Fear usually paralyzes people and obviously has an absolutely negative influence because it allows us to move forward in their lives.

Faith in God, according to what Christianity maintains, is an excellent tool when it comes to overcoming fears, because those who are close to God will naturally distance themselves from fears because they will feel cared for and protected by God's grace.

For Christianity, the individual who has strength will demonstrate firmness in the difficulties that arise and perseverance in the search for the good, to the point, if necessary, of accepting the sacrifice of his own life in the name of a cause it's worth it. Strength will give moral virtue to the soul in order to face the vicissitudes with courage without ever departing from the right reason that governs the action.

Artistic work and Brazilian city

Fortaleza is also the name given to a work by the Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli and what dates from the year 1470, from a football club in Brazil: EsporteClube Fortress, of a Bolivian town belonging to the Department of Pando and in Brazil it is the capital of the state of Ceará, located in the northeast of the country.

Fortaleza is undoubtedly one of the most popular and visited tourist centers throughout the year, with paradisiacal beaches that receive thousands of tourists who fall in love with the beauty of the natural landscape. It is one of the ten most important cities in Brazil.

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