texture definition

The term texture refers to the sensation that rubbing with a certain material produces to the touch and in which the sense of touch is the main decoder of the same, since it is the vehicle or in charge of producing the sensation that the texture in question has. : softness, hardness, roughness, among others.

Although touch is the sense that most clearly distinguishes one texture from another, as we said, There are two types of texture, on the one hand we have the tactile and on the other the visual. The tactile one is that perceptible only through touch and that allows to distinguish between rough materials such as cardboard, with relief, such as that of a map drawn with reliefs in the pertinent geographical accidents, thin like paper or those soft, the velvet. The visual refers to those printed textures that imitate reality, such as sand, stone or rocks, but also, what the visual allows is the creation of textures even if they do not have their corresponding version in reality..

Floor, paint, music, fabric and computer graphics also offer us different textural possibilities to the touch and to the eyes. On the ground, the texture will be determined by the particles that make it up, in music, on the other hand, by the quality that the musical composition generally displays. In painting, by the sensation that the fabric based on the paint and its corresponding method of application produce. In the case of weaving, which we also mentioned, due to the arrangement and order that the threads will be given.

Meanwhile, the texture, occupies a preferential place in the field of design since it is the one that will give him the sensations that the newly designed place provokes to the other and to the rest of the people. Textures are the order of the day and are an almost daily part of the environments that we walk, live or visit. In addition, the malleability and conjunction of textures that can link the design, since not everything goes through what is strictly written, It will allow us to give a given space different types of sensations, add richness, dimension and personality, as appropriate..

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