definition of person

The term person is known as a rational entity that is aware of itself and has its own unique identity, that is, a person is the same as saying a human being who presents specific physical and mental aspects, which are what ultimately They will give it that unique and singular character that I mentioned.

Sociability, sensitivity, intelligence and will coexist in the person, these aspects being only observable in them, only sensitivity is shared by people and animals.

The origins of the word are found in Ancient Greece, more precisely in the theatrical context, be it comic or tragic, in which the mask used by the actors to play roles was designated by this word.

Meanwhile, in a context of law, the concept of person implies something more than that rational being who is fully aware of himself and of what he does, because for the law person is any entity capable of acquiring certain rights and obligations towards the others and the context that surrounds it and in which it is immersed. A person in Law can be physical and have a visible existence, as is the case of a human being, but in addition, there are people of ideal or legal existence who are those who generally understand and have companies, corporations, foundations, the state, among other

For example, when a company starts it is necessary that it be subject to and understand certain legal requirements, including registration in taxes, then, for this issue and others that concern a trade or company, it must always be associated either to a natural person or to a legal entity, who are the ones who will ultimately respond to a legal requirement or obligation.

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