definition of international

The term international is an adjective that is preferably used when you want to refer to the interaction that occurs between two nations or a certain group that is made up of partners that belong to two or more countries..

Moreover, too, the term is broadly used to express the idea of ​​outside a country, that is to say that it corresponds to something that does not occur, happen or produce in a certain country. A concrete example of this that I am telling you can be found in any newspaper, when talking about a news item that belongs to or was produced in another part of the world, regularly, the international term is used to differentiate and show that it is not our own information. that happened at the scene.

In addition, in politics, the term international also has a special meaning since as international, it is popularly designated to those groups or organizations that are made up of individuals from different countries but who have and share the same ideology.

The International Association of Workers or the Socialist International are some examples of these.

And finally, the same term, in the world of sports, is used when you want to refer to that athlete who participates in competitions that involve different countries, meanwhile, he will represent the country from which he is native.