definition of inhibited

From the term inhibited may designate that or that which suffers the effect of any restriction, prohibition or impediment, either to act or to perform freely and as it is. When his parents are there, Juan, he is inhibited and does not behave as loose as he always is before the group. I feel inhibited by his character, no matter how hard I try, I cannot relax in his presence.

What is inhibited, be it an individual, an object or a good, among other options, results from the action known as inhibit, which, in general use implies prohibition, hindrance or impediment, meanwhile, at the request of the right, the word inhibit can suppose two situations, on the one hand, the decision that a judge or court not continue in the treatment and investigation of a judicial case because it cannot be considered within its competence. And on the other hand the general inhibition of the assets of an individual or of an institution or company turns out to be an extremely common resource that is used by those who feel they have creditor's right about precisely that person or company, because it has breached a payment or contractual obligation. Such recourse must be made by legal means and once the inhibition is effective, the inhibited person will not be able to freely dispose of those inhibited assets.

On the other hand, in the medicine, when we speak of inhibiting we are referring to the momentary suspension of a certain organ function, or failing that, the supply of a type of medication. So there are some drugs that, for example, help to inhibit or interrupt pain. Fortunately, the medication they administered to him after the accident inhibited the pain he suffered..

Likewise, inhibiting may involve abstention from action, from thinking in a certain circumstance and for x reason. When my son is there, I inhibit my opinion about sex.

And for the Psychology inhibition implies disappearance or cessation of some habitual behaviors in an individual with the mission of avoiding and facing the anguish or fear that something or someone awakens.