construction definition

The term Construction is designated as that process that involves the assembly of anything, from things considered more basic such as a house, buildings, to something more grandiose such as a skyscraper, a road and even a bridge..

So, we should point to this one, the art or technique of fabricating buildings and infrastructures, as the most widespread sense of the word, however, there are others ...

Start from a project and planning

In very general terms, it will be called construction to everything that supposes and demands before finalizing to have a predetermined project and that will be done by joining various elements according to an order, because for example, at the behest of grammar, a construction will be the ordering and arrangement given to the words in a sentence and which are what allow expressing a concept. In addition, the term construction, something that does not happen with many, is used in different disciplines, from scientific to those linked to the humanities.

Meanwhile, now returning to the most well-known use, when we refer to construction this involves and involves various forms and ways of specifying it through different combinations that will allow various types of structures to be made.

The strength of the human being and the support of the machine

In the current construction, traditional workforce, such as workers, is integrated with the other workforce in which more specialized devices and machinery come into play, which are the ones that will ultimately allow work when the dimensions exceed the scope of human hands and legs and they are also the ones that ensure that the margin of error does not exist or is practically null and architects save more than a headache by breaking walls, making holes, among others.

I understand what is Modular Construction

One modality that has gained ground in the construction industry is that of the so-called modular construction, which consists in that many of the large parts of a building can be built far from where it will be the final location of the same. The different modules are assembled as the plan indicates and it is incredible that through this, both time and costs can be reduced.

The importance of materials

The materials that accompany construction par excellence are concrete and steel. Concrete is the element that will allow to obtain solid foundations while steel serves to reinforce concrete walls, columns and arches.

Wood is also a very present resource in construction, however, it is used more in smaller constructions and in the aforementioned modular construction.

But, in addition and much more to determine the materials that will be used, to carry out a construction there are other aspects that must be taken into account, such as the land on which the construction will be located, the use that will be given to the The prevailing climatic conditions, for example, if it is an area prone to earthquakes will require careful attention in this regard, among others.

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