what is geographic space »definition and concept

From the field of geography, numerous concepts suggest the deep link that exists between the environment in which we live and our presence, that is, the human presence.

Geography analyzes phenomena purely related to nature but it always does so to put them in perspective in relation to human life and the multidirectional effects that can occur between the environment and different communities.

Understanding the notion of geographic space: the human being and his environment

By geographic space we understand the space that is analyzed together between human participation and natural presence. Geographical spaces are those in which human action has transformed nature to adapt it to their subsistence and therefore are now a new element.

The concept of geographic space takes into account both the physical aspects, the relief, the natural resources, the climate, the temperature and the human elements such as the population density, the use or wear of resources, the economic activities of the human and their effect on weather or temperature, etc. It also analyzes how that space is transforming through time, for example in the case of a town that grows on the banks of the river until it becomes a large city.

The satellite dimension of geographic space

Among the most outstanding characteristics of the concept of geographic space we find the fact that it is usually analyzed from a satellite perspective, that is, observing the physical space and its transformations with images that are taken by satellites or that are generated by the human observation of the space.

This type of material allows us to know in a more complete and at the same time more complex way how space is distributed in a region, for example in places where there are more natural resources or where there is a greater human presence.

Satellite images also allow us to observe the relief and the arrangement of human activities around it, for example in the case of the existence of water courses or mountains, etc.

The concept of geographic space is essential for urban planning

While the notion of geographic space can be used in all places on the planet, it is especially important and useful when it comes to urban spaces.

Through the geographic space, projects and decisions are developed that aim to improve the quality of life and the use of urban space. For example, this occurs with regard to the presence of green spaces and squares, entertainment centers, parking lots and places for motorists, the layout of housing complexes, etc.

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