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In simple terms we could say that sharing is giving something of oneself to others. That giving something can be many things: a part of our food, the money that one has, personal illusions or the feeling of love towards another person. Thus, the concept of sharing necessarily implies the intervention of two or more subjects, usually one who gives and one who receives or several who exchange something.

In couple relationships

In a couple relationship, material goods are shared, but also time, a common project or problems. We all know the words that are said in the marriage ceremony (in poverty and in wealth, in health and in illness ...), which refer precisely to the idea of ​​sharing.

"This is mine"

Most children say "this is mine" when they don't want to share their things with others. The child's posture is spontaneous and automatic, since he has not yet learned certain values. Usually his words will be accompanied by a clarification from his parents, who will explain what it means to share and why it is good to do so.

From the perspective of morality and in the Christian tradition

In ethics, a reflection is made on what is good and what is bad. Intuitively, we all know which behaviors are morally desirable and which ones are not. Thus, all those behaviors in which something is shared are considered morally good, as occurs with solidarity actions or dedication to others in any of its forms. On the other hand, selfishness or greed are contrary to morality because in them the action of sharing does not take place (both the selfish and the miser want exclusively their own benefit).

In many passages of the Bible it is remembered that material goods should not be accumulated but must be shared with others.

The utility of sharing

Apparently the action of sharing can be negative or contrary to our interests. Do not forget that, in some way, sharing presupposes that I stop having something (money, food, time or whatever) for the benefit of another. Despite this, sharing can be considered beneficial and therefore useful.

Obviously, its usefulness should not be measured in quantitative terms but rather as a way to enrich ourselves humanly. Thus, whoever shares something (for example, their free time helping others voluntarily) receives in return a whole series of things: the gratitude of the person in need, a simple smile in response, the respect of others and, above all, the own satisfaction of oneself.

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