definition of fauna

Fauna is the term used to designate the set of animal species that populate a specific geographic region and that arrived there as a result of one of the various geological periods that occurred throughout the history of planet earth..

Although in reality and as a consequence that Animals are usually very sensitive to variations or disturbances that their habitat may suffer, their spatial distribution will depend on many factors such as temperature, the presence or absence of water and the possibility of the existence of competitive relationships with other species or the presence of predators.

Zoogeography is the discipline that is responsible for studying and analyzing these issues that we marked above and the one that tells us that if there is a significant alteration in the fauna of a certain ecosystem it will be because clearly some of the factors that we mentioned had to do with that outcome.

There are different types of fauna depending on the geographical origin from which the various species come. The autochthonous or native wildlife is made up of all those animals that naturally belong to the world they inhabit and the exotic wildlife is made up of all the wild animals that do not belong to that habitat, however, the voluntary and involuntary action of man has caused yes they do.

Also, each corner of the planet has its respective domestic fauna that is obviously made up of those animals that have been domesticated by man to accompany him in his life, such as typical pets, cats, dogs, canaries, rabbits. and many others a little less conventional to the taste of the owners or, failing that, those who have a utility in order to produce work, goods or services. In the latter case we can include the horse, the ox, the pig, the goat, the cow, among others.

And finally in a country or region we can find the group of animals whose domestication remains in process. The most characteristic case of this group is that of the animals that have been raised under the regime that is followed in zoos and that, as many may have seen in some of their visits to these places, their condition is semi-captive, that is, On the one hand, their habitat is recreated as best as possible to make it their own and they are kept isolated from people through cages, and on the other, specialized personnel train them to reduce their wild characteristics.