definition of study techniques

Study techniques are those tools that a student can use to facilitate learning in understanding a text.

Through the different study techniques it is possible to synthesize the information of a subject in order to be able to cover it in a more effective way at the intellectual level, enhancing the memorization of data and reasoning.

There are different study techniques that the student can use according to their expectations and what is most effective (each student is unique and unrepeatable). These techniques are means to an end, pedagogical tools that facilitate positive learning.

The underline

The underlining technique consists of highlighting in a striking visual color those main ideas of the text that have a special meaning. The underlining implies the differentiation of the main ideas and the secondary ideas that are in the text. This study technique should be applied after having previously made a leisurely reading of the subject that serves as the basis for establishing a first idea of ​​the subject.

In a second rereading it is positive to underline the text. The underlining is really effective when the really valuable parts are selected, in this way, it is possible to review a text by reading only those parts of it that have been highlighted.

The scheme

Another study technique that relies on the information selected from underlining is the outline. An outline gathers in an abbreviated form in a schematic structure the main concepts of a text.

A diagram should not be longer than one page and one of the keys to this study technique is the synthesis it offers by showing the content of a study subject in a conceptual way through the key terms of the topic.

Taking notes

Another very effective study technique in college is note-taking and making notes in a notebook. From this point of view, it is very important that students study a subject from their own notes rather than from notes that have been made by another classmate.

It is easier to study from the annotations made by oneself that show a good use of time in class.