definition of prevention

The prevention is he result of specifying the action to prevent, which implies the take the necessary and most appropriate precautionary measures in order to counteract a loss or any damage that may occur.

Take special measures with the mission of reducing damage

So prevention is have certain issues or actions in place to reduce a risk or damage.

It is worth clarifying that it turns out to be a condition without equanom that prevention is arranged in advance, that is to say, before the moment in which it is believed that the dangerous situation will occur from which it is necessary to defend and take care of oneself.

For example, if we are going to go on vacation with the car, it is necessary to take the basic precautions to avoid suffering a dangerous setback on the road that could turn into a fatal accident.

The main action to be carried out will be to send the vehicle for a detailed technical review, in an authorized and trusted workshop, which is in charge of reviewing each of the circuits and mechanisms to be able to safely go out on the road.

If we make such a review, it will be practically impossible for us to have an accident as a result of a damage to the car, that is, by sending it to the workshop we will be reducing the possibilities of risk to a minimum.

It should be noted that the action of preventing with the mission of reducing the succession of a mishap can be applied in the most diverse contexts and situations and also with different objectives: in health, in business and finance, in games, in sports, in the car, as indicated above, in our home, among so many options.

One of the best actions to prevent diseases, accidents ...

The scope of the medicine It is one of the contexts in which prevention is heard the most, since the appearance or not of diseases, in many cases, is closely related to this question of being prevented or not before them.

If I suffer from a lung disease and winter arrives, the coldest season of the year, and I do not heed my doctor's advice to keep warm, to avoid going out at the coldest hours, surely, my state of health will worsen and in no way way I'll be warning myself.

Domestic and road accidents, among others, are some of the most common events that cause the most damage to health and life, for example, it is very important to attend to the most frequent ones in order to be able to prevent them in some way.

Normally, prevention is a very effective action, which, if developed in a compliant way, in whatever aspect or context, tends to report very good results.

With only a series of measures that are implemented individually or collectively, it will be possible to prevent harmful events from happening, or lessen their harmful impact, if their succession is inevitable.

The home is one of the places where these actions should be implemented the most, especially if children and the elderly live, people who are very prone to accidents, children due to lack of awareness, and older adults because they can no longer help themselves. I know.

Do not clean the floors with slippery products, use the kitchen with great care, do not place the handles of pans sticking out of the kitchen for example, place a non-slip mat at the exit of the bathtub so as not to slip, do not leave toxic products within the reach of children or medications because they can take them, check that there are no gas leaks, deficiencies in electrical installations, among others.

Outside of our home, and whoever drives a car should always do so with the greatest responsibility since it is a lethal weapon if it is not done in this way.

In addition to the corresponding technical checks, the seat belt must be tied, the minor children must be seated in the back seats, one must not talk with the cell phone while driving, among the most relevant recommendations.

Meanwhile, in the workplace, the health of the employee must be protected, especially in those risky work activities, such as in construction where it is common for the worker to be injured.

Thus, it must be provided with adequate and resistant clothing, corresponding footwear, helmet placement, among other elements.