definition of polysemy

At the behest of the Grammar, the polysemy is the plurality of meanings of a certain word or any other linguistic sign. Likewise, the term polysemy is used to designate the plurality of meanings that presents a message beyond the signs that compose it.

The origin of polysemy can be due to different reasons ... In figurative language, it is common for polysemy to be generated as a consequence of metaphors and metonymies, such is the case of the arms of a spider and of the legs of a table; He too technical language or specialization give specific meanings to some words, as is the case with mouse to name the mouse.

Other common reasons for polysemy are also foreign influence in some languages ​​and application changes, for example, the word button It was used especially to refer to those elements of clothing that were used to close or turn them on, however, influences and changes made it also begin to call buttons to those pieces that bring some electrical devices, such is the case of radios or television and that when oppressed allow its operation or the change of some of its functions.

For example, the word Bank It is a polysemic word, since it refers to various issues at the same time, on the one hand, it is called a bench to that seat of one, two, three or more bodies in which people sit and on the other hand, a bench, too It is called the financial entity that is dedicated to attracting resources, either in the form of deposits or by lending money.

Another case of polysemy is found in the word letterOn the one hand, it may be that writing, generally closed, that is sent to a certain person to communicate a certain situation or news. And on the other hand, a card is each of the cards in a deck of cards.