definition of conflict

A conflict is a situation that involves a problem, a difficulty and can lead to subsequent confrontations, generally between two parties or there can be more as well, whose interests, values ​​and thoughts observe absolutely dissimilar and opposing positions.

Then, this conflict can provoke the exchange of opinions between two people who hold opposing interests and three things can happen, which remains there in that discussion or evolve towards an arrangement or in the worst case provoke an armed struggle, something that we have already done. seen and much in recent times, mainly, between countries that fail to put an end to their conflicts of yesteryear.

The conflict can be individualWith oneself, for example, we are presented with the opportunity to change jobs for another that offers us better remuneration, but in our current job we feel comfortable, we know the people, our boss, we know how to handle ourselves, like who He says we swim like a fish in water there and the fact of thinking about a situation that requires a new beginning despite the economic benefits, will undoubtedly generate an internal conflict situation of having to decide between two opposing situations.

But conflict can also be social, when it comes from the social structure itself. Let's start from the basis that no one is equal to anyone and that all individuals are unrepeatable beings who have our own interests and characters which will surely differ from each other, then, starting from this same is that social coexistence will be the spectator of a good amount of conflicts.

Disagreements, economic inequalities, claims for abuse of authority, can be some of the triggers of major conflicts within a society. Those who deal with this, both to explain it and to provide a solution to it either through integration or coercion, are the theories of social conflict, widely disseminated in the field of sociology.