definition of images

An image is the visual representation of an object, a person, an animal or any other thing that is plausible to be captured by the human eye through different techniques such as painting, design, photography and video, among others..

Nowadays and as a consequence of the extensive development that technologies related to the projection and capture of images have reached in recent decades, we can classify the time that passes as dominated by all that is visual. Almost everything today passes through the image, of course, this context of excessive visual cultivation has its positive aspects, such as the fact that in just an instant you can capture a reality and share it with those closest to you, but for the On the other hand, and here if the negative aspect comes, this situation has generated that issues such as reflection and thought are sometimes relegated to the imprint that the visual has taken.

Meanwhile, photography, as we mentioned above, is one of the most famous techniques that almost everyone has used for several decades to represent or portray an object, person or event, among other possible issues..

Photography is the result of a process that starts from capturing an image and continues with the step of storing it in a light-sensitive material medium, based on the original principle of the camera obscura from which an image can be projected that can be it captures through a small hole on a certain surface with the clear objective of reducing its size but to gain in sharpness. Not so many years ago, cameras stored the images they captured on sensitive film, while this is almost, almost, that it is obsolete, with sensors and digital memories that have undoubtedly gained ground.

On the other hand, and with regard to the strictly usefulness of photography, as a record to save and communicate a reality that we saw and that we want to share with others, it is one of the most widespread uses, as a vehicle to show and disseminate art. and as a means and part of scientific research, it is another of the utilities that photography observes, since it allows registering phenomena that cannot be reached by the limited, in terms of movement, the human eye. Without the images that a photograph or video provide us, some realities, such as the universe and the external aspect of our planet, would be impossible to know.

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