definition of automobile

The automobile can be described as a motorized vehicle that receives its name from the capacity for self-movement, that is, it does not need human or animal strength to move from one place to another. It is a vehicle powered by an internal combustion or internal combustion engine that is specially designed for land transport of people.

Origins and fantastic evolution of the automobile

Today, the car is undoubtedly the most common and popular means of transport, being able to find different models of cars, sizes, colors, shapes and materials.

As has happened with much of the technological inventions, although there were primitive attempts to form machines similar to the automobile for a long time, it would not be until the late 19th and early 20th centuries that automobiles as we know them today would begin to develop. day. Anyway, these were also quite different than the current ones, with much larger and thinner wheels, smaller or sleeker seats, cloth roofs and different handlebars as well. The production of cars was highly encouraged by the new manufacturing methods that were developed in the first half of the 20th century, methods such as the Fordist that allowed to make more cars and more quickly and that are still in force today.

Composition and how it works

The car is a machine that normally consists of four wheels, an interior designed for travelers, doors, windows, a hood or main cover, trunk or space to place objects, etc., for which it becomes an element of certain complexity .

The car works from the use of energy, in most cases different fuels such as gas or gasoline. This energy is placed inside the car and through a complex system of motors, pipes and circuits it is transformed into the necessary element so that the car can move from place to place. The mechanical process by which a car is driven is often seen as complex because it consists of several parts, but custom and its permanent use transform it into an easily accessible mechanism. Today, due to the combustion and pollution that many cars generate with their fuel, the automotive industry seeks to develop cars that run on less polluting and dangerous energies such as solar energy.

We must emphasize that the concept is used especially and widely to refer to small and medium-sized vehicles and that are intended to transport people in the city or on routes with tourist reasons, however, there are many other types of vehicles that can also be denominated as automobiles such is the case of trucks, vans, buses, vans or pick-ups, among others.

The mobility of people, the key to high demand

Without a doubt and as we have already pointed out lines above, the car enjoys tremendous popularity throughout the world. The possibilities of displacement, in the city and on routes, is what has extended its use and of course determined its great relevance and the demand for this good in all parts of our planet.

If we have to assign an advantage and uniqueness, it is precisely the one just said, allowing us to go from one place to another, comfortably and quickly.

One of the first assets that people acquire in their lives is precisely the car, due to this great advantage and benefit of the mobility that it brings.

The automotive industry, one of the most profitable in the world

The demand of course led to the development of an automotive industry that is a world leader. In terms of income, this industry has become one of the most relevant economic sectors on the planet. It should be noted that this industry includes those companies that design, develop and deal with the commercialization of automobiles. The companies that deal with its arrangement, such as mechanical workshops and fuel vending companies, are exempt from it.


And a world-class sport has also developed around the automobile. Such is the case of motoring, a practice that is precisely based on automobile competition. There are various competitions and levels of competition, among the most recognized is Formula 1, the highest category of practice and in which the fastest vehicles compete. All motorsport competitions involve completing a track course in the shortest time possible.

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