definition of training

It is known as training to acquisition of skills, abilities and knowledge as a result of exposure to the teaching of some type of trade, career or for the development of any physical or mental aptitude and that is aimed at providing some benefit or utility to the individual who undergoes such or which learning.

exist different types of training according to that purpose and that we mentioned above. Among the most popular and known to all, we find the physical training which is one that is practiced repeatedly with the aim of achieving adequate physical resistance, either to achieve a good physical condition and therefore health, or the staff training that takes place in some companies to prepare future occupants of a certain position within the organization and that due to its specificity requires prior acclimatization or, it is also common for some companies that, for example, are dedicated to technology, something that It is always known that it is in constant change, use training as a resource to always keep your employees abreast of news and changes, even those who have been working in it for a long time.

Regarding physical training, this will normally begin with a warm-up of approximately 10 minutes in duration and that can materialize in a walk, jumping on a rope, riding a bicycle, among other activities. Following the warm-up, a series of aerobic and anaerobic exercises will ensue to improve lung quality.

Although the routines that the professionals in the field impose on each of their trainees, will depend on the physical condition of the person and the purpose for which they train, which may be a matter of preserving and maximizing their physical condition and of health or for the practice of some sport, which of course will require and imply a frequency and a greater complexity than the previous one, what should never be lacking in a good training, whatever kind it is, are the walks of about 40 minutes four times a week and abdominal and spinal exercises that will allow you to achieve a correct posture and protect vital points such as the liver or kidneys.

Likewise, in a military context, the subject of training also turns out to be something essential, since through it, those enrolled in the force, will achieve the physical capacity and different skills to participate and survive in combat. For example: how to use a weapon and learn to handle yourself outdoors, because surely when you are in the middle of a confrontation you will have to sleep outdoors, among other issues.

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