definition of food

It is called food to any solid or liquid substance that living beings ingest in order to regulate their metabolism and maintain their physiological functions such as body temperature, that is, human beings need food to replace the living matter that we spend as a consequence of the body's activity and because we need to produce new substances that contribute to the development of new tissues that directly help our growth.

But in addition to this strictly physical reason and survival of any species, there is a psychological reason that is also present when it comes to feeding, since normally food will provide us with a feeling of gratification and satisfaction once it is realized. It is very common for a person who did not eat for long hours or did not eat when the body asked, to observe unpleasant behavior and display a bad mood.

According to the origin they hold, We can classify food into three large groups: vegetable: vegetables, fruits and cereals; animal: meat, milk, eggs and mineral: mineral salts and water.

Each of these foods that we mention provides our body with substances that are essential and vital for its development and functioning..

For example, the carbohydrates found in bread, flours, sugars and pasta that provide us with energy. On the other hand, proteins, which include dairy products, legumes, eggs and meats, promote growth and tissue formation. Meanwhile, lipids, fats and oils also do their thing to provide us with a good dose of energy every time we eat them.

What matters most to us of all these foods that we mention are the nutrients or nutritional principles that they show: amino acids, vitamin A, iron, calcium, among others. For example, the starch contained in vegetables, the fat that milk collects, among others.

To achieve a good diet, it is necessary to respect and maintain a balance in our diet, that is, there must be a balanced mix in correct amounts of everything we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

And finally, the warning. Everyone, should know that food deprivation leads to malnutrition, from there to starvation and from there to death there is a very short road. The lack of food for any organism will be devastating for its conservation, subsistence and development. It is proven that poor nutrition directly and negatively affects people's intelligence and emotion. Unfortunately, many parts of the world have famine and are the proof of all these negative outcomes that we mentioned.

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