directory definition

Depending on the field in which it is used, the word directory it has several meanings.

Guide with postal address and names of companies and people

One of the most used by all is the one that allows us to refer to the list or directory of addresses and names, very useful when looking for the contact of a company or person. "My provider directory has the phone number for printer service."

This directory can be on paper, in an agenda or in another type of element that has paper as a support, or failing that, with the great presence that new technologies have in our lives today is that the directories have "moved ”From paper to cell phones, computers, among other devices.

Directories of this type of excellence have been popularly called guides, large books, delivered by fixed telephone companies that concentrated on their pages the telephone numbers and addresses of line users.

Meanwhile, companies often publish their contact information in the so-called yellow pages.

We must emphasize that these proposals are now obsolete.

For example, cell phones have the contact application in which the owner of the mobile phone can book the phone number, name and address, among other information, of a person or company as in their directory.

Board of directors of companies or regulations of a business

The regulations of a business or a discipline also known as a directory. "Our board of directors advises against the implementation of the new economic measures because they will discourage the sale."

Another of the meanings says that directory is also the board of directors of certain associations, parties or any other institution.

Meanwhile, in these last two senses, the directory will display the steering function, that is, it will govern, dictate rules, govern in some matters that it is responsible for within a company, an organization or agency.

That is, the board of directors will guide the activities of the organization or company in a certain way, for example it will be the one that determines to focus on new productive alternatives.

Form of government that appears with the French Revolution

On the other hand, the Directory was a recurrent form of government after the French Revolution that started in France but later spread to many other nations, such as Peru, Argentina, Spain. It is characterized in that different people will share power and act jointly in what corresponds to the administrative and political decision-making of the government in question. In other words, decisions and policies are agreed between various political leaders that make up the board.

The Directory was the last form of government that existed in the First French Republic, within the framework of the French Revolution. It began in 1795 and ended with a coup in 1799 and the Consulate would be established.

For example, in the case of Argentina, the Directory was the form of government that the Assembly of the Year XIII, the political authority at the beginning of the XIX century, would establish for the United Provinces of Río de la Plata (Argentina).

A supreme director was in charge of the Executive Power of the territory with a mandate that lasted two years, the official title was that of Supreme Director of the United Provinces of Río de la Plata; Although after the May Revolution it was the first government to propose a single individual as authority, not a group as had happened previously, the Directory still lacked some characteristics to speak of a presidential system.

This form lasted until 1820 and among the politicians who held the position of Supreme Director, the following stand out: José Antonio de Posadas, Carlos María de Alvear, José Rondeau, Ignacio Álvarez Thomas and Antonio González Balcarce.

Web directory

A Web Directory is a type of website that consists of an organized directory of links to other websites that includes categories and sub categories. These generally allow website founders to report the existence of their site for inclusion on the site. Appearing in a web directory guarantees knowledge in the professional field in which one works as well as economic growth due to the possibilities it offers.

That is, if you have a business that also works through the Internet, you must enter it yes or yes in this type of directories to achieve success in this context.

And at the behest of computing, the directory will involve a list containing various files or other directories. They allow organizing the information in question in a hierarchical way.