color definition

The colour It is a word of widespread use in our language and that presents several references, although, among the most used we find the one that allows us to name the visual perception produced in our brain and which is the result of the interpretation that various systems make and send to our retina, later, distinguishing between different wavelengths that are capable of capturing the electromagnetic spectrum, that is, light.

Visual perception of wavelengths by our brain

It should be noted that the eye will only be able to perceive the aforementioned wavelengths when light is abundant, for example, it is that with little light it will be seen black, which is the color absent of precisely color.

Any object, body, that is illuminated, absorbs a part of the electromagnetic waves and will reflect the rest, while the reflected waves are captured by our eyes and then understood in our brain as different colors that will be closely related to the length cool.

The various objects with which we interact have color because they are able to reflect those of the solar spectrum or other light sources and absorb the rest.

If we see something as white it is because it is reflecting all the colors of the spectrum, while if it is black it is because it absorbs all the colors and does not reflect any of them.

The sense of sight and the organ of the eye allow us to capture colors

Meanwhile, it is the sense of sight, through its organ the eye that allows us to appreciate the different colors.

Sight is one of the five senses that human beings have and that allow us to contact the external world.

The eye enables us to perceive light and color sensations.

The human eye is a hemispherical organ that is made up of three concentric and enveloping membranes.

It is located on the face and in relation to other organs it forms the vision apparatus.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most important organs that people have, because it allows us to see everything that surrounds us.

Some complication in it will certainly impair the conformal vision.

Classification of the colors and qualities attributed to it

Colors can be classified into primary: red, yellow and blue, from which the rest of the colors can be formed, for example, orange is obtained by combining red and yellow, the violet of joining red and blue and the green to combine yellow and blue.

On the other hand, we can talk about warm colors, such as yellow, red and orange, and cold ones like violet, blue and green.

Each color is attributed a quality and that is why in interior design great attention is paid to them since from them, and the manifestations they convey, it is possible to decide with what color to paint a room or a piece of furniture

When looking to add energy to a room, furniture or object, it is common to use colors such as red and orange, ideal for transmitting this condition, while white is the color that is most used to paint the rooms destined to rest as a consequence of the tranquility and peace that it transmits.

Element with which it is painted

Another use that we attribute to this word is to refer to the paint or element with which it is painted.

Intensity of a color

On the other hand the presentation and intensity of any color we call it precisely color.

Music: quality of a sound

On music and therefore any sound This name will be attributed to it when you want to express the quality or timbre you have.

Character of something

With a somewhat more symbolic sense, we use the word color to account for the special or original character that presents something.

Political ideology or symbol with which something is distinguished

On political and sports matters The word color is used to indicate the political ideology presented by an individual or a group and to designate the symbolism that distinguishes a sports entity, respectively.

Popular expressions and phrases

And then it is plausible that we find some popular expressions or phrases that contain this word such as: Give color (This expression presents two uses, when a color is assigned to something and on the other hand when something is animated, a meeting, for example), color (It has two uses, on the one hand, to indicate the color of something and on the other hand to designate an individual who is black) and get someone's color (make someone blush with a saying or action because they are embarrassed or embarrassed).