definition of moral values

Values ​​that improve and perfect the man

Moral values ​​are all those issues that lead man to defend and grow in his dignity as a person, because moral value will inevitably lead man to moral good, which, as we know, is what perfects, completes and improves it..

Moral values ​​will always perfect man insofar as he is a man, good actions, such as living honestly, telling the truth and always acting thinking of others, can never contradict the path to perfection.

Free option that enriches as a person

Meanwhile, the choice for moral values ​​is an absolutely free and not imposed decision that each man has, that is, he will decide whether to choose them or not, but without a doubt, the fact of choosing them will have the direct effect of doing so. more human and to give him an extra quality as a person.

The influence of the environment and experience on its adoption

The moral values, among them, respect, tolerance, honesty, work, loyalty and responsibility, among others, will arise and will be instilled in each person, primarily, within the familyTherefore, relationships with the father, mother, siblings, grandparents, uncles and all those others involved in the family, must have the appropriate quality, to be these correct transmitters of all those values ​​that we mentioned more above.

On the other hand and in addition to the quality of relationships, it turns out to be essential to achieve an ideal transmission of certain values, the model and the example That these relatives teach and show the child, because he will absorb everything that they instill in him and also what he observes about them, their attitudes, ways, among others. It will be useless for a father to teach his son to be fair, if, on the other hand, he shows attitudes such as mistreating the personnel in his charge.

The second fundamental socializing agent in terms of values, without a doubt, is the school, there, the child spends a lot of time and therefore will be the recipient of an endless number of behavioral models, then, the example that The teachers give the children and reinforce that moral quality that the family has instilled in the child, because then with all this baggage of moral information, the child will be inserted into a social whole and obviously if the inculcation of moral values ​​had been adequate , the individual will contribute to spread the good within the society in which it develops and lives, making it larger and more indestructible.

Nor can we ignore the role that experience plays in this regard. Many times we opt for alternatives that may not be the best and we do so beyond the teachings we have received from our parents or the school. This is where experience will play a relevant role, because when we discover through practice that such a choice was not a good one and that even more his choice brought us many complications in life, surely, tomorrow, the experience, in a similar situation , will make us choose a competing proposal.

On the other hand, moral values ​​are essential when it comes to discerning and defining an action as morally good or bad. But of course, in that definition all the instances mentioned above will come to play as definers.

It is worth noting that our parents can teach us from a very young age that lying is not correct and that if we live according to the lie our life will get complicated. Now, when we develop and we live our own adventures and experiences, these teachings can be strengthened and we can commit ourselves even more to those moral guides that were taught to us in time.

The most transcendent moral values

There is a large number of moral values ​​that perfect and enhance the person, among them we can highlight love, gratitude, friendship, respect, loyalty, prudence, perseverance, responsibility, solidarity, tolerance, honesty, humility, dignity, generosity, kindness, among others.

Having some or all of them, without a doubt, will make us have a happier existence. It is proven that people who live by these values ​​will be happier than those who choose to live in relation to hatred or lack of commitment.

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