definition of osteocyte

The osteocyte is a bone cell, part of the bone tissue, that is, intrinsic to the bones, which is precisely housed in the matrix, in the most important part of a bone. More precisely, they lodge in a small cavity and spread extensions that contact other osteocytes, forming a complex system..

It is worth noting that the communication between the various osteocytes is essential to control the amount of bone that is being formed or destroyed, that is, to keep the dynamic balance of this cell so essential for the body under control.

Among the main functions of osteocytes are their ability to synthesize and reabsorb the components of the matrix, since they are highly relevant in regulating calcium.

Bones are undoubtedly one of the fundamental components of the human body forming the skeleton of vertebrates, characterized by being its hard parts. They have the all-important function of sustaining the human body in an upright way and not to mention the relevance that they display when it comes to movement, the joints being fundamental for this fact.

But the bones have another remarkable function which is to protect vital organs that are housed in the body, lungs, heart, brain, among others. That is, if there is a blow, a fall, they must first face the solidity proposed by the bones that are a kind of shields for those important organs.

Fortunately, bones have an enormous capacity for regeneration and reconstitution once they are usually affected by some damage.

There are many conditions that can attack the bones, so it is important from a prevention level to do everything possible to avoid them. Consuming calcium, through foods rich in it, such as cheese, milk, yogurt, among others, is a way to contribute to having strong bones.

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