definition of landscape

The word landscape is basically used to describe everything that forms a set of elements visible on the horizon. Normally, the notion of landscape is related to the presence of natural elements (and this is so since the etymology of the term leads us to the idea of ​​land) but the landscape can undoubtedly be the image of a city, of an urban center or a great variety of spaces in which nature does not necessarily predominate. The landscape is not just an image but is mainly the medium in which infinite phenomena develop that allow us as observers to obtain that vision. In this sense, each landscape is unique and unrepeatable.

The notion of landscape always implies the existence of two parts: the one that is observed (the landscape itself) and the one that observes and that returns something existing to that image. The landscape can be very varied depending on a myriad of elements or situations such as the time of year in which it is observed, the elements that compose it or perhaps even the specific location of the one who observes the surroundings, a point of view that it is undoubtedly subjective and it can give a completely unique and different meaning to the same place.

The landscape is also intimately related to the idea of ​​representation and no longer only of observation. In this sense, the artistic representation of the landscape (or landscaping) is one of the most basic and interesting modes of art, especially common for plastic art. So much so that each author can represent in a very special and particular way a landscape that another author portrayed in a completely different way.

This is where it is important to point out that the landscape should never be understood as a static reality (an idea that can be generated from the graphic representation of the landscape) if not as a reality in permanent change and evolution. This is so not only due to external forces (such as the action of man) but also to the internal forces of the elements that compose it.

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