definition of school newspaper

The school newspaper is the periodic publication published by an educational institution and whose mission is to inform about different facts and events that happen in the establishment, such is the case of events, special activities, as well as creations or productions of the students themselves, such as stories, poems, drawings, among others, and more issues related to education and community culture.

So, the school newspaper works and has a presentation like the traditional newspaper but it differs in that instead of bringing together information of general interest and the latest news that happens in a society, it only contains that which is generated in the educational institution that produces it. .

Having a school newspaper and encouraging students to get involved in its development and editing is very important for several aspects that we will comment on below: it is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and teachings, it facilitates access to information and to stay informed, it helps in the familiarization of the child / young person with the format of a newspaper, it stimulates to get involved in the knowledge of reality, it is of great help to develop in young people a critical spirit and interpretation, it influences the development of creativity by inviting the student to produce the contents, among others.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the incredible power of integration of communication that a newspaper proposes at school and then it is very good that it is exploited especially on that side.

The most common is that the newspaper is an activity that takes place in the subject of language but has also been able to implement it in other disciplines such as those related to nature and biology and the social sciences.

Of course, the teacher of the subject who proposes it as an activity will in some way be its general editor, but it is also recommended and it is good that he gives the students space and freedom so that they can develop it to the fullest.

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