definition of validity

What is current or in use

In its broadest sense, the word validity is applied to refer to that which has the quality of current, that is to say, that remains current, that still fulfills its functions even with the time that has elapsed, or, failing that, to laws, customs and customs that are in use and therefore must be respected and observed.

The concept can be applied to people, objects, symbolic issues, among others.

Respect norms and uses and customs in force

When we talk about regulations in force, they must be complied with without exceptions by those who are under that legal system. In case of contravening any rule, the person who has incurred this offense will be punished. It is important for everyone to know, that the laws, customs and customs are to be respected and that if someone does not do so or opposes them, they will receive a penalty because of it, which of course will be adjusted to the type of fault that occurred.

Now, with regard to customs and practices, we must say that the passage of time often makes several of them obsolete, and then, after some time and a change in this sense, their respect will not be necessary, although normally it is they substitute for others, always according to the times.

People can lose their validity with the change of fashions or trends in their chores

In the case of human beings, when it is said that this or that maintains its validity, it is almost always linked to the profession they perform, to the fact of staying within it at the first level, be it business, sports or artistic, despite the age that should show a decline in their abilities.

"The validity of the Beatles is really impressive, although several decades have passed since their dissolution, they are still leaders in sales." "The validity of this athlete is unquestionable, the recent results in the Olympic games prove it to us."

It is in the artists or published personalities linked to communication that this question of the validity of which we spoke lines above can be appreciated the most. The passage of time, and with it, the change in trends and fashions in the various fields, inevitably generates that proposals or artists that marked one era, in another, are somewhat relegated because they are so associated with other times and other ways. that it is difficult for them to aggiornrse. Obviously it does not happen with all but there are cases in which certain professionals, due to their characteristics, lose the validity that they had in the past and inevitably have to give way to new proposals.

Meanwhile, in the case of objects, the validity has to do with the loss or expiration of the value. "VCRs have lost their validity with the incredible advancement of DVD equipment." "The validity of radio as the axis of family entertainment, undoubtedly, no longer turns out to be the same as it was in the past, first it was television and now the Internet continues to take away space."

Also, the word validity is often used to refer to what has gone out of style. "Fox fur covers are no longer valid for more than a decade."

From the aforementioned, it follows then that the word is used in many areas ... to refer to the validity of certain moral codes, of some uses and customs, of some words that, although they were used many years ago, today, have returned, or of some perishable product.

Current Law: effective application

In the context of Right, for example, it is used a lot, being able to find us with the Current law which is that of effective application in a state, as opposed to historical law, whose rules have already been repealed by other laws that established it or because the new ones are no longer compatible with the previous ones.

A legal norm will enter into force when, after being approved by the competent body, it is published in the corresponding Official Gazette, unless the same institution establishes a distinctive effective date for x reason.

Use in contests and promotions

Likewise, the concept is widely used linked to contests or promotions. When a brand launches a promotion with one of its products, it usually places a limited time of existence on it, and then, when it is promoted, it is made clear to the consuming public that it will have a certain validity in time. Beyond that date you will not be able to enjoy it or claim it.