definition of administration

Administration is the act of governing, exercising authority and disposing of a set of goods, an institution or a nation. The term is broad and can refer both to the use that someone makes of their properties and assets (or even those of others) to the political and economic administration of a State, through the organizational administration of a company or entity.

The administration must occur within the framework of established rules and consensus, in general, in a democratic way, since it is usually a practice of regulation in pursuit of common progress. However, when speaking of corrupt or fraudulent administrations, it refers to cases in which this takes place by an individual or organization that makes use of other people's property or resources against the will of its owner.

There are various sciences or disciplines derived from this concept, for example, business administration, which studies the organization of these institutions and the way in which their resources and processes are managed., Public administration, referring to the management of a State or political group at the communal, regional, national level, etc., the military, financial, judicial and other administrations.

More recently, the concept of 'management' has emerged to talk about the practices that often take place in private institutions by the management towards their employees, this includes: leadership skills, resource management and finances, Organizational structuring of human resource development, teamwork, unity of command and direction, research and evaluation, and conflict resolution, among other things. The study of these practices has to do with a fundamentally strategic aim in pursuit of satisfying the needs and desires of those involved in an entity in favor of its economic progress.

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