definition of participation

In its most general use, the word participation, refers to the action and effect of participating, that is, it may involve the taking or receiving part of something, sharing something, giving someone news of something.

Share, make known something, or get involved in political or civil actions

Another of the also very widespread uses of the term allows to name the ability of citizens to get involved in the political decisions of their country or region.

The aforementioned is popularly known as citizen participation and it may be manifested, executed, in different ways, such as: through general elections or referendums and plebiscites that are called in the country or region in which it lives.

In any case, the most ordinary and usual way of citizen participation that people have is through the suffrage or vote.

Each a certain amount of time and according to what is established in the duration of each position, the citizens choose the representatives of the executive and legislative power to represent us in the decisions and actions of our country. For example, in the Argentinian republic, Every four years, citizens elect the country's president by direct vote who will be the representative of the Executive Power for a period of four years. The aforementioned form is known as participatory democracy.

However, this is not the only way that citizens have to participate in the active and political life of the country we inhabit, since there are also non-governmental organizations or public demonstrations in which we can assert our rights and express our dislikes and likes. regarding any issue that concerns public space.

Part that someone has in a business

On the other hand, participation will also be called share that an individual or a group owns in the capital of a business.

Juan's participation in the company is a minority I do not think his initiative will finally prosper.”

The importance of participating in projects that favor the common good and development

It turns out to be an intrinsic characteristic of human beings to bond and associate with other peers to achieve various objectives. There are many tasks and actions that could not be carried out in any way alone, especially those associated with solidarity.

So, it is common for people to be participating with our presences, actions and opinions in various plans and projects that involve us and benefit us.

The political participation that we mention, and also the social one, participating in some action that aims to promote an issue that precisely benefits the social group, are really important because it is through them that societies can progress and aspire to have a future better in every way.

Those apathetic societies that do not care to participate at any level will not have the possibility to choose a better future or to develop.

For example, it is very important that we always participate, that we get used to not being indifferent and to participating in what involves us and that has a direct relationship with a better life for ourselves and for our environment.

Invitation that is extended to someone to participate in an event

And finally participation can also be the notice or the part that is given to someone so that he or she attends an event or becomes aware of a situation or news.

The participation of your wedding has already arrived, now we will have to attend it.”

It is a very widespread tradition that when a couple decides to formalize their union through marriage, they invite their loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, among others, to be part of the celebration. Meanwhile, the popular way to participate, to make them known, is through a participation or invitation, as it is also often called.

It consists of a card, which is generally delivered in an envelope, and in which it is indicated that such a couple will contract a marriage on that date, and at a specific time, and at a given address.

It is also a custom that the parents of the spouses are the organizers of the event, and their names are the ones that appear in the first instance inviting their friends, etc. to participate in the union of their children.

Participation can only be to the religious ceremony, to the civil ceremony, or to the subsequent celebration, or to all of them. Meanwhile, it is usually required that the guest present the participation when entering the celebration.

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