definition of courtship

Dating is a fundamental stage in a relationship. The engagement It reflects the mutual acquaintance between two people who spend time dating that show the typical seduction process of the time of conquest. The courtship describes the beginning of a love story marked by falling in love.

The most beautiful moment

The infatuation It is the phase in which a person in love feels butterflies in his stomach, he cannot stop thinking about the other person, he has the sensation of floating in the clouds for happiness, he feels vulnerable, he idealizes his object of desire ... The purpose of the courtship is to really know the other person to know if they are compatible and to share the life in common either through coexistence or marriage.

A phase built on perfection and idealization

The engagement It is a stage of illusion, in fact, it is the stage of maximum illusion in a love story because it is marked by novelty. And also, because of the idea that the other being is perfect. Taking into account that courtship is a stage of knowledge between two people, anyone who has a relationship should invest that time in knowing what the other person's tastes are, what their values ​​are, what their life program is and what they are. your illusions. The objective Of this mutual knowledge is to know if both models of the world are compatible and the pieces of the sentimental puzzle fit together in a natural way.

Decisions that can break a couple

For example, if one of you wants to have sons and the other does not, this difference can be a reason for rupture. There are courtships that end in breakup because knowing true love is not an easy process. Breakup is the best thing that can happen when two people are not happy together. Often when a relationship is stable, couples value the possibility of taking another step in their relationship. history of love either through a wedding or taking the step of living together.

Dating is a magical stage in which the happiness, if the relationship goes well, it is maximum. In that case, enjoy such a stage.

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