definition of health center

By health center we understand that establishment or institution in which the services and the most basic and main health care are provided. Health centers are a reduced or simplified version of hospitals and sanatoriums since, although they have the basic elements and resources for healing, they do not have the large technologies or complex spaces that do exist in hospitals. The main objective of the health centers is to provide the most primary and urgent attention to health situations that must be treated.

Health centers are primary care spaces in small communities as well as in neighborhood and municipal districts. This means that while in some regions health centers are the only space available to receive care of this type, in other places, such as large cities, health centers coexist adequately with other more important health centers such as hospitals, sanatoriums , hospitals, etc.

Health centers vary in size and in the different elements available that they have. However, in general, all of them have access to resources and offer basic services such as the general guard and some common specialties such as traumatology, dentistry, ophthalmology, pediatrics, etc. Normally, more complex specialties such as different types of surgery are not present in the health center space and the cases that require such attention are always referred to the nearest hospitals, sanatoriums or clinics to allow the person to be treated there with greater efficiency. Health centers are usually public in most cases, but you can also find many smaller private institutes that meet the same characteristics as a health center.

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