definition of training

Short educational process by which knowledge and technical skills are acquired to achieve goals

In general terms, training refers to the disposition and aptitude that someone will observe in order to achieve a certain objective.

Basically, Training is considered as a short-term educational process which uses a planned, systematic and organized procedure through which the administrative staff of a company or organization, for example, will acquire the knowledge and technical skills necessary to increase its effectiveness. in the achievement of the goals that the organization in which it works has been proposed.

Maxims of the training of the personnel of a company

The training of the personnel of a company will be obtained on two fundamental pillars, on the one hand, the training and knowledge of the trade itself and work and on the other through the satisfaction of the worker for what he does, this is very important, because never Efficacy and efficiency may be demanded or claimed on the part of someone who is ultimately not satisfied with the treatment or the reward they obtain.

A company that provides constant training to its employees will never become obsolete in their knowledge and, of course, will win in the fact that they will always be updated and will remain in competition with the competition, impacting both issues in a positive way on the performance of the company. Employees who know how to act, what to do and how to achieve the success of their company are essential and this is achieved largely thanks to training and, of course, added to the natural dispositions that each individual has.

Training for everyone who wants to acquire special skills

Now, training is not the exclusive patrimony of companies when it comes to training their professional teams, but in reality training is a matter that is strictly available to anyone who wants to learn something specific or who wants to obtain more knowledge about any topic.

Currently, as a result of the large amount of information and knowledge available, the training options have become viral in a tremendous way. There are many educational institutions or professional institutions on their own, which offer training to the public on various subjects and they certainly do so with great success since there are also many people interested in learning specific issues.

It is also a very reality of these times that people want to improve their knowledge and skills on different topics and then sign up to do a training in this regard.

Training types

There are two types of training, immanent and induced. The first originates properly within the group, it is the product of the exchange of experiences or the result of the creativity of some of the members that will later be transmitted by this to the rest of their colleagues. And in the case of the induced, the teaching comes from someone outside the group, for example, the courses taught in companies.

Among the main objectives to be achieved through training are the following: productivity, quality, human resource planning, indirect benefits, health and safety, personal development, among others.

So, in short, as well as the selection of personnel is a very important step in any organization or company, to become a suitable and capable professional staff, so is the plan of an active training that makes those hired professionals never lose their expertise and even more, that they can add new knowledge in the matter they perform.