definition of analyze

Analyze is a eminently intellectual action characteristic of human beings and that implies the realization of an analysis on a certain matter or matter of interest.

Meanwhile, the analysis will involve the Recognition of the elements that make up a whole, therefore, is that they are distinguished and especially observed each one of them in order to be able to effectively penetrate their properties and basic principles and thus learn more about their nature, function, among others. issues. In short, the primary objective of any analysis, regardless of whether it is carried out, is to know, understand more deeply an issue or situation.

It is worth clarifying that analysis is not an exclusive activity of science, far from it, since analyzes are also a recurring practice in the field of the social, since they help to understand various social events, breaking them down into smaller units, in order to thus, to be able to more easily penetrate its causes, consequences and most importantly: the solutions to the social problem, among other issues.

But the analysis is not reduced to the social sphere either, also, it is frequent that each of our daily actions, especially those that turn out to be a priori determinants for our present and future, go through analysis, an analysis that we carry out evaluating ourselves all those issues involved in the decision to be made. This type of analysis is very important to avoid future mistakes after our decisions that complicate our lives in some aspect: personal, work, family, among others.

Also, at the behest of journalism, analysis is manifested as one of the most important tools that social communicators and the media have when it comes to reflecting on issues of public interest, while it will be through this precise analysis. that will help public opinion to better understand the causes and contingencies of certain issues and events that occur in the life of your community.