decision definition

The term decision is one that refers to the process of cognitive elaboration by which a person can choose their way of acting and behaving in different situations of life in general. The decision always involves a mental elaboration process that can be influenced by various reasons, causes and specific circumstances. The fact of making a decision is, in such a way, to make a choice based on previous knowledge, feelings or sensations, prejudices or ways of thinking much more complex than what is supposed at first glance.

The possibility of choosing and making decisions is exclusively human and has to do with the level of consciousness reached by human beings throughout their history. In this sense, man is the only living being that can make decisions that, even if he is not conscious, imply a choice of different facts and aspects of his life. The very fact of not making a decision is making a choice and for philosophers of different historical periods the question of decision and the possibility of choosing has always been related to freedom, a right that other living beings do not have. like vegetables or animals.

The decision-making process has to do in all cases with a conscious or unconscious process through which the subject acts accordingly. This means that the decision-making process is always subjective and that it is based on an accumulation of ideas, feelings, previous knowledge and assumptions that, combined in a particular way for each specific situation, make it considered appropriate to make this or that decision. . Decisions can become in some cases more decisive than in other cases and that is why many times the decision-making process becomes more complex and involves various aspects to be taken into account.