definition of wood

It is called wood To that the most solid and fibrous part of the trees and which is located under their bark.

It should be noted that wood is characterized by different elasticity that it has, which will be closely related to the direction of deformation that it presents, and also its conditions will vary depending on the type of tree that it comes from and the climatic characteristics of the place in which the tree from which it will be extracted grows.

Regarding its composition, it is composed of the following elements: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, among others.

Although wood is a highly resistant material to biological damage, however, there are some organisms that make use of wood for various purposes and this ends up altering it. Among these organizations, the bacteria, fungi and insects.

Once the wood dries and is cut, it can be applied in different areas and give it different purposes, among which are: the manufacture of a pulp that consists of the raw material that allows us to produce paper; to grow a fire, popularly called as firewood; in construction and carpentry to make various objects and furniture, as we will see later; in medicine; and at the request of the means of transport to precisely build them, such is the case of carriages and ships.

On the other hand, we also refer to wood as the part, mentioned above, of the trees and that is used at the request of the carpentry to make furniture, floors, among others.

Wood also has a symbolic use in colloquial language to designate that natural and spontaneous inclination that an individual presents to carry out a certain activity or profession. Has wood for acting.

And there is a hyper popular expression that contains the word wood and that we use it a lot in common language: touch wood, which consists of precisely at the same time that it is pronounced to touch an element or piece of wood in order to avoid any curse or damage that could happen to us. Meanwhile, this action would neutralize it, of course, in superstitious terms.

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