definition of youth

Youth is the period of life that normally takes place between childhood and adulthood. According to what is established by the United Nations agencies, when determining exactly the period of years in which youth occurs, we could say that it occurs between 15 and 25 years, being therefore one of the most important stages of life by intrinsically defining the person, their interests, their projects and their relationships with the world around them.

It has always been very complex to try to define the ages of the human being with definitive terms or parameters. This is even more accentuated in the case of youth since such elements vary in each case as this is a stage in the search for identity, a certain hopelessness or despair, a lot of energy and an independent entry into the social world.

However, there are some elements that can help us better understand what youth is about. On the one hand, as has been said, youth is the moment in life in which one begins to establish his identity, the identity that will accompany him broadly for the rest of his existence. Not only ways of moving, behaving or acting enter here, but also all those projections, expectations and dreams that the individual can begin to shape for their future (next) life.

Youth is also the awareness of the need for independence from the family nucleus, as well as entry into the world made up of the bulk of society. This situation is undoubtedly conflictive because it implies finding a balance between parental and family relationships on the one hand, and social ones on the other. At the same time, this implies that the young person must begin to seriously think about how or through what methods he will be able to support himself and manage to cope with the world of adulthood.

Youth is remembered by most individuals as one of the most beautiful and interesting stages of life, even with all its cons. This is especially so because youth marks the moment of building friendships and lasting relationships, of defining our own identity, of taking positions regarding certain events and, finally, the acquisition of certain levels of emotional maturity. intellectual and social.